What is "Moturisme"?

The "Ara Lleida Moturisme" project constitutes a pioneering tourism product within the Spanish context. It has been promoted by the Patronat de Turisme (Tourism Board) of the Diputació de Lleida with the aim of specifically promoting tourism amongst people who love to travel by motorcycle.   

Ten routes have been created which run across the territory of Lleida. Each of these offers great touristic and scenic attractions and combines stretches of secondary road, which have numerous curves but not much traffic, with other straighter sections along main roads. All of the roads followed by the Moturisme routes have been checked by a team of experts to ensure that they have excellent road surfaces. The distances covered on the different routes range from 200 to 300 km. This means that they can be easily covered in a day, allowing ample time to stop off at the different points of tourist interest located along the path that each route follows. The majority of these routes can be ridden throughout the year, with the exceptions being those that run along stretches of high mountain road where it is possible to find snow and ice in winter.

This project comes with a system of guarantees in the form of a seal of quality. This currently recognises 50 tourist accommodation establishments and 34 complementary restaurant, café and museum services, as well as several other facilities. To obtain this seal of quality, the establishments in question have had to pass a training course to help them improve the quality of their service to motorcycle clients, understand the specific needs of this type of client and adapt their offer to this group. These establishments must also meet a series of requisites relating to their facilities, which include providing a closed, covered area for parking, a workshop and tools for bikers to make repairs, a laundry service and spaces for storing helmets and other equipment. They must also provide information about such things as routes, the weather and the main tourist attractions in their local areas. This seal of quality guarantees motorcyclists a series of establishments that are designed to meet their specific needs and implies a high quality of service.

Thanks to this project, those who enjoy travelling by motorcycle will be able to discover the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida and enjoy their scenery and gastronomy with the guarantee that they will be well received and will find excellent roads and facilities.